Ansvar to Coengebouw

Oct 16, 2017 – 

The insurance company Ansvar will move to the office building ‘Coengebouw’ in Amsterdam. For the ground and the first floor, where there used to be a gym, DZAP will design and realise an inspiring, comfortable and contemporary office interior. An office that will link the two offices from Alkmaar and Amsterdam and offers them a new home base.

Hogan Lovells to the Zuidas

Sep 26, 2017 – 

Hogan Lovells, an international renowned law firm, found a new location for her Dutch office, at the Amsterdam Zuidas. In the newly built North Tower of the Atrium complex they will move into the 7th, 8th and 9th floor. DZAP will deliver a custom-made office interior in which the 3 floors will be connected by specially designed open stairs. The interior will have a fresh corporate look and feel with surprising Dutch elements. 

Dam tot Damloop 2017

Sep 19, 2017 – 

At the invitation of Kvadrat, a number of sporty DZAP-colleagues joined the running-event ‘Dam tot Damloop’ (Amsterdam to Zaandam 16.09 km). The team consisted of many members all active in the interior-industry. The beautiful after-summer-sunday offered the best conditions for an excellent sport-event.

Fontem Ventures

Sep 18, 2017 – 

Fontem Ventures is an innovative consumer goods company, developing new lifestyle and next-generation products. Due to the growth of the Amsterdam office they will relocate their Amsterdam premises. DZAP is working on a design that will suit the young and international employees and create a dynamic, inviting place where they can work, eat, meet etc.

Grand Opening DZAP

Sep 12, 2017 – 

We all looked forward to the Grand Opening of our (partially) new office on Saturday the 9th of September. It is our daily business to create interiors for our clients but now we did our own project. We are proud of our awesome new interior and celebrated this with all our family and friends. 

HMSHost at Schiphol Airport

Sep 07, 2017 – 

HMSHost International operates more than 70 F&B venues at Schiphol Airport. The outlets range from self-service and counter service to full-service restaurants, several of which are open 24/7. DZAP executes the project- and site-management for various renovations of HMSHost. In the dynamic environment of the Airport DZAP uses all her creativity to ensure a smooth and fast implementations of the projects.

Rabobank Gooi en Vechtstreek

Aug 02, 2017 – 

DZAP designed and realised a complete new interior for the bank-shop of the Rabobank Gooi en Vechtstreek in Breukelen. The multifunctional welcoming ‘shop’ was given a local, recognisable identity by using the silhouette of Breukelen into the felt wall covering and visuals of the neighborhood on other walls. Want to have a look inside?

Award Winning

Jul 07, 2017 – 

With the complete makeover of their new office in Limassol, Cyprus, SMT Shipping Ltd. won the prestigious CIPA International Investment Award 2017. During a special organised evening Ton Voorham, the owner of SMT Shipping received the award out of the hands of the President of the Republic, Nicos Anastasiades. Proud of this project and congratulations to SMT!

We are hiring

Jun 30, 2017 – 

Would you like to join us? We are looking for a project architect and a junior project architect. This is your chance to become a part of our great team where we work hard and play hard. Every week we have our Friday-afternoon drinks in our own Hardwork Café. Interested? Click here: Project architect: Junior project architect:

SMT Shipping at Cyprus

Jun 20, 2017 – 

For the international shipping company SMT Shipping DZAP transformed an outdated office-villa at Cyprus into an office with international allure. The interior as well as the exterior needed a complete make-over. An attractive, inviting and inspiring office with an industrial and also Western European look, with subtle references to the shipping-industry that’s what SMT wished for. For the result click here:

Day of Architecture Rotterdam

Jun 19, 2017 – 

With office building, Blaak 16, DZAP has participated successfully in the Day of Architecture in Rotterdam. Along with other icons like The Red Apple and 100 High, Blaak 16 was part of the route through the Maritime District of Rotterdam. During the well-attended day there were many guided tours. Although the renovation is not ready yet, the visitors could get a good impression of the final result. Visitors were unanimously enthusiastic about the design.

Club house

Jun 16, 2017 – 

Five Dutch sports federations, who represent many hockey, golf, water-sports, volley-ball and skiing sportsman in the Netherlands, choose for a far-reaching form of cooperation. A new communal office is one of the logical consequences. At the Orteliuslaan in Utrecht DZAP will create a new ‘clubhouse’ that offers comfort, inspiration and connection to the different federations and simultaneously represents the DNA of all the various sports.

UL International

Jun 13, 2017 – 

UL International, a global leading and independent safety science company, has found a new office in Arnhem. The move to the new office gave UL the opportunity to introduce their own look and feel into the whole building. Challenging was the creation of a laboratory and a testing room at the ground floor with all the specific and strict safety requirements. Click here for the result:

Classical twist

Apr 28, 2017 – 

Classic with a modern twist, that is it! A contemporary law firm in a classic office villa in Amsterdam-Zuid. As in a real classical home, several 'theme' rooms were created. There is a music-, garden-, lounge, and dining room all of which are distinguished by their own specific interior.


Apr 21, 2017 – 

The Oak Building' in Amstelveen became the new home base for the employees of Ford. During the first brainstorm session, the terms; proud, characterful, inspiring, functional, robust and a clearly recognisable Ford identity became clear. The traditional office layout was transformed into a modern, open and transparent office with a wink to the garage / workshop.

Yellow it is

Apr 18, 2017 – 

Yellowtail, provider of innovative IT-solutions moved to a new office in Naarden. Their new office interior has been given a clear signature of Yellowtail. Values such as innovative, stylish, warm, flexible, fresh, inviting and fun were the starting point for the design. In combination with their brand-color yellow it became a loud and clear recognisable office of Yellowtail.

International hotel chain

Apr 10, 2017 – 

For a top 3 worldwide operating hotel chain DZAP has been invited to prepare a design vision for the refurbishment of the rooms and corridors of one of their hotels in the Netherlands. The design we’ve envisaged reflects a contemporary modern residential feel, light in color and a comfortable guest experience. It reflects some of the history of the surroundings and beauty of nature in which the hotel is situated.

Bestseller to former V&D building

Apr 03, 2017 – 

The international Danish fashion company Bestseller will hire approx. 5,000 m² on the upper floors of the former V&D building at the Rokin and Kalverstraat in Amsterdam. DZAP will support Bestseller with the realisation of their new headquarters. It’s remarkable that in the center of Amsterdam a retail building is transformed into an office building.

Mitsubishi Netherlands to the Zuidas

Mar 31, 2017 – 

Mitsubishi Netherlands moved to the brand new office building ‘500 Beethoven’ at the Amsterdam Zuidas. Challenging in the design process was to find the right balance between the strict Mitsubishi guidelines and the Japanese Zen-principles. The result is an open and transparent interior with pure and natural colors and materials. Large cabinets are place to make is easy for all employees to keep up the clean-desk-policy.

Equity Estate & HighBrook Investors

Mar 20, 2017 – 

Equity Estate and HighBrook Investors requested DZAP to investigate possibilities and prepare initial designs for several buildings in their portfolio. The objective is to refurbish the buildings and create more attractiveness for current and future tenants. DZAP will prepare a tailor-made plan for each building. The main focus lies on upgrading the following aspects; entrance areas, façades, branding, parking & landscaping, energy-labels, central stairwells, elevators and where possible the restaurant.

NLO in Ede

Mar 09, 2017 – 

For the current office of NLO in Ede DZAP will design a new interior based on the previously, also created by DZAP, interior of the The Hague office. The contemporary, open and transparent office concept which was introduced in The Haque is so much appreciated that they will copy the concept to the office in Ede. DZAP is now working on the preliminary design.

ID&T into A'DAM Toren

Mar 06, 2017 – 

ID&T has moved into the iconic A'DAM Toren at the river IJ in Amsterdam. The multifunctional building was the ideal setting for the new office of ID&T where they merged several music labels into one location and where their desire for various workplaces led to the following result:

Cushman & Wakefield in UN Studio

Feb 28, 2017 – 

Cushman & Wakefield expands in the office building UN Studio at the Zuidas and will in addition to the 1st & 2nd floor also occupy the 19th & 20th floor. For the upper floors DZAP will create an contemporary interior that complements the, previously designed by DZAP, existing floors. On the 20th floor a cool Workcafé is created which takes full advantage of the phenomenal view.

Pharmathen in Parktoren

Feb 17, 2017 – 

Pharmathen, an international pharmaceutical company, choose to locate her business development center in the ‘Parktoren’ in Amstelveen. For the fourth floor DZAP designed an office interior in which you will find styled elements inspired by the logo of Pharmathen. Right now the construction works are well under way!

Cultura in Ede

Feb 16, 2017 – 

Cultura is a place for art, culture and information for the residents of Ede and its surroundings with a mission to inform, inspire, excite and seduce. For their current office at the Molenstraat 45 in Ede DZAP will design a pleasant and functional office interior in which the communication and cooperation of the Cultura employees can thrive. 

Solid Professionals

Feb 13, 2017 – 

Due to the growth of Solid Professionals, the interim and consultancy firm will move to another building at the Maliebaan in Utrecht. Their wish for a functional and inspiring office where employees and visitors can feel the Solid experience will be translated by DZAP into a contemporary design. Taking into account the existing monumental style features such as wooden and marble floors.

Mediq to De Meern

Feb 10, 2017 – 

Mediq, an international healthcare company, merged several offices into one new headquarter (approx. 10,000 m²) in De Meern. They had a clear wish for a new office with a contemporary interior which will minimize the differences between the management and other departments within Mediq. And will promote and stimulate the cooperation between employees in an open and inviting atmosphere.

Radio Holland

Feb 01, 2017 – 

Radio Holland, (formerly known as Imtech Marine) a specialist in marine satellite- and radio communication and navigation systems for the maritime sector will move her office to the Droogdokweg 71 in Rotterdam. They requested DZAP to design and realise a pleasant and contemporary office interior based on an open office concept.

SBB moves to one new location

Jan 31, 2017 – 

SBB, a cooperation for vocational education, training and the labour market has merged her two offices into one new office in Zoetermeer. One of the motives to move was to optimize the communication between the departments of SBB. The new office is set up like a clubhouse to facilitate the many itinerant employees. Curious for the result:

Leaseplan to the Zuidas

Jan 30, 2017 – 

LeasePlan Corporation will move her office to the Zuidas in Amsterdam. As main contractor DZAP will realise a complete new office interior in UNStudio (15th – 18th floor) at the Gustav Mahlerlaan. Like the previous project for LeasePlan DZAP will work in close cooperation with Studio Groen+Schild who will deliver the interior design.

Film premiere DZAP

Jan 26, 2017 – 

From design to completion within two minutes, too good to be true? Watch the time lapse we made of the office interior DZAP realised for XL Catlin in Amsterdam.:

Loft-office for Oliver Wyman

Jan 23, 2017 – 

DZAP created a 'home away from home' office for the employees of the international management consulting firm Oliver Wyman. Their wish for an unique, non-standard office interior which offers an inviting informal place to meet resulted in a loft-like office. An ideal location for a pleasant Friday afternoon drink. Curious for the result:

XL Catlin to the Cuserpark

Jan 19, 2017 – 

XL Insurance Company SE also known as XL Catlin, has moved to the Cuserpark in Amsterdam. Their wish for a state-of-the-art office resulted in:  A perfect mix of high-end materials combined with a selection of the XL Catlin company colors. Throughout the interior you can find several L-shaped elements based on the logo of XL Catlin. 

Gazprom in Amsterdam

Jan 16, 2017 – 

Gazprom Finance, part of the international energy supplier Gazprom from Russia, will move to the Johannes Vermeerstraat in Amsterdam. For the new office DZAP will design and realise a functional, attractive and appealing office interior in compliance with the corporate values, goals and ambition of Gazprom.

Rockstars IT & StudentenBureau

Jan 10, 2017 – 

The new office of Rockstars IT and StudentenBureau in Den Bosch is a fact. With a Grand-(work)-Café, flexible training rooms and plenty of workplaces in a ‘warm’ and home-like atmosphere all employees can find a perfect spot where they can start their activities. Click here for the result:

The Network Kitchen

Jan 02, 2017 – 

The Network Kitchen, located in the Wibautveste at the Wibautstraat in Amsterdam, has opened. TNK is an initiative to bring people / companies together so they can meet each other in an ‘away from the office’ atmosphere. TNK is formed by a network of members.

DZAP Christmas lunch 2016

Dec 23, 2016 – 

Despite the pretty busy days before Christmas almost all DZAP-ers were present at the annual DZAP-Christmas lunch. While enjoying the culinary delights of restaurant ‘De Nederlanden’ in Vreeland it was the perfect moment to spend some time together, to review 2016 and look forward to 2017! 

Spotted in Gooische Tam Tam

Dec 22, 2016 – 

DZAP in Gooische Tam Tam. The office as a meeting place for interaction and exchange of knowledge. We pay much attention to the design of our homes. Several residential activities take place in various areas. But at the office everyone spends most of their day at one place. Why? Click here to read the whole article!

DZAP winter event in Laren

Dec 20, 2016 – 

Just like last year the DZAP-winter event at  ‘Winter Village’ in Laren was a great success! The high attendance, the enthusiasm of everyone, the tasteful Dutch-winter drinks and snacks and of course the one and only seal-race on ice made it an enjoyable and successful event. 

New office for Amref Flying Doctors

Dec 13, 2016 – 

Amref Flying Doctors moved her office to Leiden. They wished for a ‘warm’ and cozy interior where they can easily cooperate and equally work quiet and isolated from the rest of the office. The result is an office where a red runner runs through the entire floor and combines the open and closed workplaces and meeting rooms.     

Discovery into 'Het Kraanspoor'

Nov 22, 2016 – 

The Discovery Network Benelux office located in the industrial monument ‘Het Kraanspoor’ in Amsterdam North was ready for an update. Their wish for a playful, multi-functional and transparent interior with a raw edge as a link to the industrial character of the exterior led to the following result:

Business Center in WTC Almere

Nov 15, 2016 – 

For the WTC in Almere DZAP realised the expansion of the Business Center on the 3rd floor of the Carlton Tower. The 14 flexible office units, designed by DZAP, are almost all rented. At this time, they consider if further expansion is desired. Are you interested in flexible office space? Look for more information at:

New people in the house!

Nov 04, 2016 – 

We love to introduce our 3 new colleagues Roy, Nathalie and Rover. With this reinforcement the DZAP team is even more complete. Roy as Technical draftsman, Nathalie as our Marketing and Communications manager and Rover as Projectmanager. Welcome and good luck at DZAP!

SGI Aviation

Nov 01, 2016 – 

SGI Aviation, an international and independent advisor to the aviation industry, will move her Dutch office to the 6th floor of the Margriettoren in Amsterdam. In order to design an appealing new office interior, DZAP started with an Architects-café and is now elaborating the design in which they will incorporate one of the wishes of SGI ‘to put in some elements which refers to the aviation industry’.

Transdev Nederland

Oct 06, 2016 – 

Transdev Nederland will move to the Stationsplein in Hilversum. A great opportunity to introduce a new way of working whereby cooperation, transparency, open culture and learning from each other are key priorities. The DZAP-Architects-café is finished and the first steps on the road to an energetic, inspiring and motivating office have been taken.