XL Catlin

XL Catlin

XL Insurance Company SE also known as XL Catlin, a leader in the insurance and reinsurance industry, has moved to the Cuserpark in Amsterdam. After supporting XL Catlin during the pre-lease phase DZAP designed and realised a state-of-the-art office interior which offers all employees of XL Catlin the right balance between ‘privacy to be productive’ and ‘collaboration to be creative’.

XL Catlin wished for a repsresentative and flexible work environment with a striking, modern and international look and feel combined with the use of high-end materials.
The outcome of the architects-café revealed the preference for the use of concrete, steel, glass and oak in combination with the company-colors of XL Catlin. The logo of XL Catlin has also been an inspiration for the many L-shaped elements such as the partitioning in the coffee-bar. the think tank and the consulting booths. The measurements of the building determined the location of the workstations. They are almost all situated along the facade. The structural core is fully covered with XL Catlin branding which has been translated from paper to spatial design. The lunch- and meeting rooms have a slightly more home-like style to create the feeling of being at home at your own kitchen table. It all resulted in a perfect match of functionality in a high-end interior.

DZAP services for the Amsterdam premises:

• Interior design
• Project management
• Site management
• Turn key fit out
• Move coordination