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The international shipping company SMT Shipping acquired an office building for their department on Cyprus. The new location is beside a local office also a meeting center for all the SMT Shipping departments worldwide. The outdated office-villa had to be renovated from the inside as well as from the outside. An attractive, inviting and inspiring office with an industrial and also Western European look, with subtle references to the shipping-industry that’s what SMT wished for.
The choice of materials and styling clearly takes into account the nautical character of SMT. The use of black steel and wooden details are clearly an example of this. The meeting rooms are all equipped with special designed carpets with prints of old sea-maps. And at the prominent twisted staircase you can find an altimeter and a real brass ship-bell. Special places were reserved for the ship-models of SMT.
For a smooth and fast process of the construction works DZAP cooperated with a local Architect. Almost the complete interior is manufactured in the Netherlands and was assembled on site. The cooperation with local parties was remarkable because of their difference in work-attitude. They don’t really have a planning and much is arranged last-minute. Due to the presence of DZAP during the construction works, the project was delivered within budget and on time.
SMT Shipping is pleased with the result. Nice to know is that they won the prestigious Cypriot Investment Award, CIPA.

DZAP services for the Limassol premises at Cyprus:

• Interior design
• Project management
• Site management
• Turn key fit out
• Move coordination