Hospitality & Hostmanship

Drive ensures Impact! Impact on your customers and staff by embracing Hospitality as a guiding principle for your organisation. This goes much further than just friendly employees who know their trade. This also relates to how the work is organised, and whether the (work) environment meets the expectations of customers and staff.

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Workplace concepts

No two offices are alike. Because no two organisations are alike. However, despite all the differences there are also always similarities. DZAP advises on workplace concepts that provide for every type of organisation, each with its own culture and way of working, determining what is the best solution for the short and long term.

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Interior design

Part of the design of a work environment is defining a strategy for the long term. It may sound surprising, but the aesthetic aspect is not always the determining factor; the shelf life of a design is determined to a large degree by its functionality.

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Project management

Taking a project from inception to completion is an art. It demands knowledge of housing and design execution. It demands an understanding of the aspects of all the latest developments in technology. And strict management of risks, as well as insight into financing and planning. It also commands specific communicative skills to ensure that everyone involved in the project keeps having fun in the process, throughout the project. And being proud of the end result.

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Vacancy. Obsolescence. Depreciation. All major reasons as to why we have made revitalisation of outdated buildings part of our portfolio. Reusing structures of the building, giving a building a “new lease on life”; these things are the pursuit of our philosophy on sustainability and architecture.

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Facility management

Alongside the project management surrounding design and completion, we are also involved in the organisation of facility management. We do this, in part, by coaching the client’s facility managers and by taking some or all of the facility management off the client’s hands.

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