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Deloitte is the first of the ‘Big Four’ (the largest business service providers in the world) to go off the beaten track by co-creating with customers at its own new location. This takes place in The Garage, a completely renovated former Citroën garage adjacent to the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam.

Deloitte Digital

DZAP was able to contribute to these great ambitions by designing the new office interior, where strategy, technology and creation come together. The interior has become a statement, with various references to the building’s past, while in terms of the work, facilities, environment, appearance, functionality and transparency it is ready for the future.

Sustainability, innovation and co-creation were three of the project cornerstones. Working with the Deloitte project team, we took a deep dive into the future, established the wishes and ambitions and, where possible, stretched them further. The result looks nothing like a regular office, and that was exactly the intention.

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