Enexis Netbeheer

Interior design

Enexis Netbeheer is one of the 7 energy distribution system operators in the Netherlands. Their main task is to construct and maintain the electricity and gas networks in the Netherlands. In addition, Enexis also handles the distribution of electricity and gas from the stations where it is produced to homes and businesses. Enexis has offices in a number of Dutch cities. They have relocated their office in Breda to a new regional office in Roosendaal.

Enexis Netbeheer

For this new office, Enexis wanted a building that clearly expresses their company culture, identity and work process. So it had to be a robust building that projects pride and reflects their passion for technology and hands-on attitude. DZAP has based the design concept on the business objectives and core values of Enexis: affordable, reliable, client-oriented and sustainable. Sustainability has been achieved through the use of sustainable materials, the reuse of materials and features that reduce energy use. The office has received a BREEAM In-Use label.


The lay out of the 4 storey building is based on zones from quietness to noise.

The new office has 4 storeys, including a large open void that connects the ground floor and 1st floor. The ground floor is the area where people meet, hold meetings and have lunch. Here they can also display the work done by Enexis in the ‘showroom’. The work areas are located on the upper floors.
The colours and materials that have been applied, such as for the materials used for the floors, have been chosen with a view to giving the building a robust and austere atmosphere.
The third and fourth floors accommodate closed meeting rooms. These spaces have a lot of character and intimacy thanks to the addition of colour. The centrally located office pantries on each floor also each have a unique identity thanks to the use of different colours.
For the reception furniture, office pantries and cloakrooms, robust and sustainable materials have been applied, such as shuttering plywood and Polish pine plywood.

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