Hearst Netherlands

Interior design
Project management

Following the acquisition of G+J Media, Hearst Netherlands wanted to house both organisations at a single location. Bringing all the new colleagues together in a single inspiring new building would allow the organisation to reap the benefits of cost and commercial synergies. A new office measuring 5,000 m2, to be constructed in the Houthaven area in Amsterdam, offered the space they required.

Hearst Netherlands

Hearst is known for its strong identity, quality and individuality. Our client told us specifically to avoid excessive corporate blandness. We have created a timeless design that will be a comfortable home for Hearst during the years to come.

The reception area is a large, open ‘social’ plaza where multiple functions come together. Lunch, coffee, a spot for flex-working or a town-hall meeting, everybody can find the space they need here. In addition, the lift cores and stairwell have been opened up to bring more transparency into the building.

In our design, we have created spaces where Hearst can exhibit its business. For example, magazine covers pinned to the walls like a mood board. The signature colours used by Hearst’s range of brands are recognisably present on the floors.

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