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It’s always good to see a client return!

We were commissioned by an international engineering firm to transform their office interior, which previously reflected the rather conservative corporate culture, into an office with a more informal atmosphere. During our brainstorming session, called ‘the Architecten Café’, it emerged that the new interior of the office in Hoofddorp should feel warm, inviting and welcoming.

International engineering firm

The base of the existing interior was mainly gray, which we kept as a basis and supplemented with color themes. Given the extremely large office area, 6,000 m2, we used color environments to indicate where you are in the building. We based the colors, textures, patterns and visuals, on Dutch themes, such as the bulb fields.


The desired openness of the interior was created by partially removing the closed offices and consultation rooms from the facade and replacing them with workstations. We also created a landscape by varying the heights of spaces and furniture. In this way, the entire floor can be surveyed and at the same time calm areas are created.


With a limited budget, smart, but above all, sustainable choices were made. By keeping the gray floor and adding color accents, only 20% of the floor finish had to be replaced. The furniture is largely reused, with only a few adjustments, the office now has the desired contemporary look. All these adjustments were done on location in Hoofddorp, so hardly any transportation was needed. Custom furniture combines various existing and new items: cabinets, plants, waste bins, lockers and wardrobes. All the system walls were reused. By moving them, we gave the space a new layout and by adding patterns and visuals to the walls, it gets a completely new look.


With minimal resources we have achieved a maximum and above all sustainable result.


Photography: Michael van Oosten

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