Konica Minolta

Interior design
Project management

For us it is a huge compliment when a former client returns to us for the design of their new office interior.
For that reason we were thrilled when Konica Minolta asked us again for their new office in Hoofddorp. They were looking for a contemporary interior with the same quality as they are used to from us.

Konica Minolta

The following keywords for the new interior emerged from the brainstorming session during the architect’s café: businesslike, innovative, warm, friendly, well-organized, clear communication and timeless.

At the request of Konica Minolta, we have relocated existing furniture in our design and used sustainable materials with a long lifespan. The Showroom, where they display their ‘Business Solutions Systems’, and the lunch room form the heart of the office and are executed in warm materials and calm colors. The combination with some natural elements create an inviting, pleasant place where all employees feel welcome. Spread around the office you will find large visuals that show Konica Minolta’s core values, clearly visible to all visitors and employees.
With such a timeless, tailor-made office, we will not see Konica Minolta again for the time being!

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