Mobility Company

Interior design
Project management

This company had outgrown its building and decided to move to Amersfoort. It was the perfect opportunity for finding a location that embodied the company’s core business: facilitating mobility. And what could be more appropriate than an office close to the station?

Our office design is anything but average – it feels like a New York loft, including the industrial atmosphere that you would expect. An office where the team feels at home and where they can receive customers with pride. So how does it look? We created a refreshing style that combines homeliness with an industrial character. And the interior obviously reflects the theme of mobility. We came up with crazy gadgets such as bicycle saddles repurposed as a coat rack, and used our graphical skills to disguise the fire hose reel as a bicycle. The meeting areas that mimic the seating arrangement in a train also reflect the company’s core business. These train seats are an example of the many different spaces in the interior that can be used for working or for informal meetings. We succeeded in creating consistency with the rest of the interior by using the same colours and materials in these zones.

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