MS Amlin

Interior design
Project management

We designed and fitted out a new office interior on the 10th and 11th floors of the WTC Rotterdam for insurer MS Amlin. The characteristic oval design of this protected building is clearly visible on the floors and also influenced the layout of the office.

MS Amlin

The aisles run along both sides of the oval central core and connect all the spaces. Concentrating various central functions in the core has created more space at the edges and ensures optimal daylight in all the work areas. The choice of different shades of grey with black detailing gives the entire office interior a balanced, sleek and contemporary look. And the wooden elements and red accents give it a warm and fresh touch.

Several spaces for consultation have been created between the work areas. Varying from meeting rooms to private ‘booths’ where you can sit down to make telephone calls or hold an informal discussion without disturbing others. MS Amlin asked us to include clearly visible references to the maritime sector. They are subtly incorporated in the partially transparent, custom-made partition between the work areas and the aisles.

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