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Workplace concepts

Progress has found its new home in the Jupiter building. The new office has an elongated office floor of 40 meters in length! We were given the challenge to create a rock-solid design that gives this office an intimate feeling instead of an endless floor.


By blocking sightlines with cabinets and alternating between open and closed workstations, the endless feeling has completely disappeared. Now the space feels as a cozy, sheltered place. The workplaces are located on the side of the façade for optimal absorption of  daylight. The workplaces alternate between open zones and closed rooms. In the middle of the space, various functions are placed. Think of meeting rooms, copy/printer zone and a breakout area where you can have lunch with your colleagues or meet for informal consultations.

Progress is a software company where many foreign IT colleagues work. An important focus point in the design process was that everyone would feel at home here. With the design we took the Progress house style as a starting point. This is reflected in the visuals with the theme of Rotterdam. These visuals have a double function: they not only show where the Progress office is located but also have an acoustic function.

Progress now has a new home with a mix of very diverse work, consultation and fun places. With this they offer the team a place to feel at home and to be able to work (together) in a pleasant way.

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