SBM Offshore, Schiedam

Interior design
Project management

SBM Offshore had no doubt about what they required: company growth had led to a need for more workplaces. We succeeded in optimising the existing spaces to create more workplaces.

SBM Offshore Schiedam

We favour generous amounts of natural light in workplaces due to the proven positive effects. So we decided to move the work areas to the outer edge of the building where most of the daylight enters the structure. Each floor of the building consists of two wings. We created a meeting area where the two wings come together. The pantry is located here and there is space for people to eat lunch, enjoy a cup of coffee or hold an informal meeting. We placed the meeting rooms in the building’s core. All the different functions are separated from each other by traffic zones. The basic colours are restrained and we achieved contrast effects through colour and texture combinations. Shades of grey and oak complement SBM’s corporate colour, which is orange. We used this colour to accentuate certain parts of the interior.

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