Simmons & Simmons

Interior design
Project management

The Simmons & Simmons office no longer fulfilled the purpose for which it was intended. After considering various scenarios, the decision was taken to reduce the office space by about 10% (from 5,000 m2 to 4,540 m2) and fit out the entire office with a new interior to prepare it for the future.
DZAP designed the new interior, managed the project and carried out the renovation.

Simmons & Simmons

Throughout the renovation Simmons & Simmons continued to work in the office. To minimise disruptions for the employees and complete the project as quickly as possible, we drew up an efficient plan for a phased move, with an overflow area to be used as a swing space. This kept the number of moves required to a minimum. We were also able to largely prevent noise nuisance by carrying out heavy work, such as drilling and chasing, during the evening and at night.

The final result is a modern, timeless office interior that is welcoming for guests and serves as a perfect working environment for Simmons & Simmons.

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