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With Swisscom’s new office in WTC Rotterdam, they are entering the War For Talent in the IT industry. So this has to be a cool place that can act as a magnet for new employees, well as a place where the 38 different nationalities employed by Swisscom feel at home.


Designing the interior was a challenge, due to the iconic oval shape of the building. The large oval core in the center of the building, creates office floors that are limited in depth. Defining functions in an interior, such as ‘traffic spaces’, are already determined in the WTC. Yet we managed to deviate from the standard. We moved the traffic area and the flex- workplaces to the facade. This allows everyone to marvel at the amazing view of Rotterdam. In the core of the building we placed the closed areas, such as meeting rooms. This is exactly the opposite of how the technology and installations of the WTC are laid out. But we got it done!


Swisscom’s corporate identity consists of organic shapes which we used in the pantry, the light lines and the curved glass of the meeting rooms. The organically shaped space, in combination with lots of green, not only creates a stylish office, but also a place where people feel comfortable.


With a wide variety of workstation types, there is something for everyone. Handling workstations in this way creates a space that feels different from a standard office. With this, Swisscom has the perfect home base for IT professionals from around the world.

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