WAHTS Brand Store

Interior design

For the premium men’s fashion brand WAHTS we have created a concept and interior design for their Brand Store in Amsterdam. WAHTS stands for We Are Here To Stay so the design might be quite iconic. So far the clothing has only been sold online, now the time was right for a real store that would support the concept.


The clothing of WAHTS follow the rules of comfort and style and merge luxury menswear and contemporary sportswear into comfortable men’s fashion. The interior should support this image. By keeping the layout spacious and well-arranged, clothing and accessories receive all the attention they need. With a sober use of white, gray and black colors, it all became an unit with graphical elements which give podium to all the WAHTS items. The character of the interior is further shaped by alternating dark and light walls, upholstery and accessories.
Nice detail; with the elements that we have applied in the store, we created various ways of presenting the fashion items. High and low elements combined with hanging and horizontal presentation options offer WAHTS the opportunity to re-arrange the look and feel of their shop with just some simple adjustments.

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