The return to the office

4 February 2021

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, we have participated in the largest home office experiment ever. It’s shown that we can work from home and maintain our productivity. A large-scale study by our colleagues at Cushman & Wakefield found that people post Covid-19 want to work from home as well as in the office.

Now that we have the prospect of the vaccine with the expectation that we will be able to return to the office in a few months, we posed the question: what will the future workday look like; home, office or hybrid?

The research shows that physical contact is important for things like creativity and innovation. Also, being in the office contributes to people's well-being; they feel involved and less lonely. Face-to-face contact is important for to propagate the company culture; it was found that half of the employees had difficulty connecting with the company culture during the large-scale home working experiment. Therefore, we can say that working at the office is important for our own well-being but also for the well-being of the company. This leads to the next challenge: how can the office serve the organization once again? In addition, working from home will be an enduring norm. This means that fewer workstations will be needed in the office, freeing up square meterage. Will this space be disposed of, or used for the 'new needs'?

An office that meets the new needs could look like this: There are enough workstations (even at peak times) for individual and focused work. With this, you offer the possibility of working concentrated both at home and in the office. All workplaces are equipped with the latest requirements, think of video calls, but also of the importance of ventilation systems.

Cooperation is done in special team rooms or dedicated meeting rooms. In addition, there are also sufficient facilities for relaxing with colleagues, such as a table tennis or gaming area. This contributes to maintaining the corporate culture and boosts the energy level. Moreover, these fun zones act as a magnet for new talent.

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