Mariëtte Heukels

Work hard, play hard!

Mariëtte studied Lifestyle & Design at the Art Academy Rotterdam. With a bit of luck, endless tinkering and learning from your failures sometimes something very unexpected happens. This approach helps her create an incredibly cool final result when you least expect it.
Her cabinet is predominantly filled with fashion magazines such as Vogue. ‘Babe, you got this’ is one of her favourite books. Although she doesn’t go to the movies very often, she loves classics like Dirty Dancing or Intouchables. Because of the nature of her interests and field of expertise, she regularly uses Pinterest and creates inspiration boards there (for DZAP as well). Mariëtte loves healthy cooking. Steaks are a challenge for her and generally end up tough and overdone, but she knows how to turn everything that is healthy and that has to go into the oven into a culinary delight.

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