Michel Kars

Working on projects within the constraints of time, money and architectural limits and options with an ever-changing composition of project teams is something that never stops being exciting.

How strong is the lonely cyclist hunched over his handlebars, forging his own way against the raging wind…? Watching him on his mountain bike or racing bike, pedalling to the beat of Kensington, you see Michel with the same drive and dedication that he puts into his projects. Technical developments are his great passion, innovation is his motivation. These qualities would have no doubt made him a critical player in the construction of the Mezquita in Córdoba, which he cites as the most impressive work of architecture in history.

Proudest work
Mediq De Meern was a great challenge at 10,000 m², a limited budget, very tight deadline and a whole range of unforeseen work. But we still completed the whole thing on time.

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