Roel Duijvelshoff

Lining up projects, laying down the organisation, creating a structure and planning the process: this is the solid foundation on which a perfect project result is built.

Except for the first few months, Roel has been working at DZAP for the whole of the 21st century. And while it’s safer not to assume anything, you can assume that Roel knows what our business is all about. By nature, Roel has everything one needs to properly manage processes involving multiple parties – he is structured, flexible, social and a team player. Discipline is good, but he also knows when to loosen the reins. In his free time, it’s James Bond, dance music and travelling the world (favourite hotel: Marina Bay Sands in Singapore).

Proudest work
Fluor, a long and complex 20,000 m² project of raw construction and interior, with a beautiful end result. I still feel a sense of ownership towards the building.

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